50 years' anniversary celebration & New product launch

  • No. 501, Hsing Nan Road, Chi Tsuo Tsing, Chi Chou Hsieng, Chang Hua Hsien, Taiwan
  • 2020/08/07 ~ 2020/08/07

Dear clients & friends:
We are grateful sincerely for your support and accompany with San Yung Company,
the celebration will be held on 7th August 2020 (Friday) in San Yung for r50 years'
anniversary celebration & New product launch』 , we will demonstrate the aluminum
furnaces also shared the performances of technology innovation and development in
recent years with all of friends.

Activity Process :
09:30 Guests arrival
10:00 Opening performance
10:10 Grand Opening Ceremony
10:20 Presentation of San Yung aluminum heat treatment furnaces.
10:50 Seminar of heat treatment furnace for automobile fasteners.
11:20 San Yung demonstrates furnaces on site
12:00 Gala banquet

San-Yung Electric Heat Machine Co., Ltd.
Chairman: Yung-Chi Yang
General Manager. Yung-Cheng Yang,
Yung-Hsu Yang
Vice General Manager: Tony Yang,
Jeff Yang
with all staffs respectfully


Continuous Aluminum Alloy T4,T6 Solid Solution &
Aging Treatment Furnaces Complete Of Equipment
  • Low operating / maintenance cost.
  • Easy operation / maintenance.
  • EXCELLENT temperature uniformity.
Continuous Bright Carburizing (Hardening) Quenching Furnace Equipment Content
  • Electricity-Saving
  • Adopts automatic control to save manpower.
  • Adopts multi-stage control mixed fan in the furnace to get uniform temperature for high quality.
Continuous Hot Blast Tempering Furnace
  • Heater adopts up-down design to get uniform temperature and has long service life and low faulty rate.
  • Furnace has mixed fan, makes temperature was uniform in the furnace.
Degreasing & Washing Tank
  • Tank has attached with heater to supply hot water with preheating zone in carburizing furnace to save electricity.
  • It has equipped with oil and water separator and strong air blower.
  • Quenching oil will attach on the material that will let quenching oil back to the oil tank for reused.
Endothermic Gas Generator
  • Gas control with protection system, safe and durable for use, stable control on dew point control with precise indication, available to be connected with CO₂ controller for auto control purpose.
  • Heater's design with high efficiency, and the furnace can be opened for convenient maintenance and repair purpose.
  • Reserved connectors for simple and easy cleaning the trash inside the pipe.
Exothermic Gas Generator
  • Continuous blackening tempering treating to metal parts(Treating temperature must be above 450℃)
  • Use the heating type gas generator gas blacking system, can not achieve the effect of salt spray test.
Crucible Type Annealing (Spheroidizing) Furnace
  • Adopt O₂ Control system to automatically control carbon potential working with temperature program control system, it can lead in protective gas automatically, labor force is saved.
  • Temperature range : 200℃~850℃.
  • Gases used: Nitrogen + Propylene (or + Methanol decomposing gas).
Crucible Aluminum Alloy T4 Solid Solution Treatment Furnace
  • Aluminum alloy spoke, hub, and parts T4, etc. solid solution process.
  • Temperature Range : 50℃~600℃