The biggest professional heat-treatment furnaces manufacturer in Taiwan & the one of the biggest professional manufacturers for mesh belt type global world.

  • Established San-Yung Company & Cooperated With Japanese Technical Partner, To Manufacture Baking Oven, Solid Carburizing Furnace, Salt Quenching Furnace, Rotary Quenching Furnace, Pit Type Quenching Furnace & Mesh Belt Type Continuous Bright Brazing Furnace.


  • To Begin Researching & Developing For Mesh Belt Type Continuous Carburizing (Hardening) Quenching Furnace At San-Yung Company.


  • Completed R&D Successfully For Mesh Belt Type Continuous Carburizing (Hardening) Quenching Furnace With Endo-Gas Generator At San-Yung Factory.


  • The First Mesh Belt Type Continuous Carburizing (Hardening) Quenching Furnace Be Completed Commissioning Successfully At Domestic Customer Of Commercial Heat-Treatment Factory, To Begin The First Step Of Occupied All Industrial Heat-Treating Areas At Taiwan & San-Yung Empire Of Professional Manufacturing Heat-Treatment Furnaces For Metal Components Industries.


  • Taiwan Jin-Her Fasteners Purchased Their First Continuous Carburizing ( Hardening) Quenching Furnace From San-Yung. San-Yung Was Occupying Continuously All Industrial Market At Fasteners, Bicycle Parts, Hand-Tools & Commercial Heat- Treatment Areas At Taiwan, Today Jin-Her Enterprise Already Be One Of The Biggest Fasteners Manufacturer In Global World & Purchased Over 20 Sets Continuous Quenching Furnace From San-Yung.


  • San-Yung Completed Successful Commissioning For Continuous Quenching Furnace At Thailand & Began To Develope Exporting Global Market In Positive.


  • Sales to German customer of TIGGES Screw company.

  • San-Yung Moved To Present New Factory.

    San-Yung successfully developed the first set of SY-805-6 continuous mesh belt furnace, the heating length of hardening furnace was 10 meters, it obtained a lot of praises, and became the main equipment for global clients of fasteners industries in the future.


  • San-Yung Cooperated With New Japanese Technical Partner & Completed R&D Successfully For Heating Type Gas Generator, Gas Burner Heating System & Bell Type Spheroidzing Furnace.


    San-Yung successfully developed continuous furnace sealed-construction of Tempering Furnace and Heating Type Gas Generator, for 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 grades of bolts make gas blackening surface treatment, after that the bolt got a good blackening effect, consistent color, the effect was better than the general chemical blackening effect, also can avoid environmental pollution, San-Yung became the best supplier for Heat-Treatment of high quality fasteners.


  • Taiwan Screw Association first time came to San-Yung held the supervisors meeting.

    Sales to the Indian market successfully.


    Sales Of The Largest Screw Factory in Indonesia PT. GARUDA METALINDO FASTENER MANUFACTURER (Second Sets)


    SYM (San Yang Industry)


  • San-Yung Cooperated With U.S.A. Technical Partner To Further Get Advanced Technology Of Manufacturing Furnaces From Western.

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  • Cooperation with Japan to develop new heat treatment technology

    history-1997-1 history-1997

    The First Set of Gas Burner Heating Type Continuous Furnace exported to NORM FASTENERS in Turkey & got successful commissioning.


  • San-Yung Awarded Iso-9002 Certification & Completed Commissioning Successfully For First Continuous Quenching Furnace At U.S.A.


    San-Yung for SAN SHING FASTCEH CORP. successfully completed the first set of computer control system for Continuous Bright Carburizing (Tempering) Quenching Furnace, San-Yung continuous furnace equipment own the computer control system, further can satisfy customers to face the foreign buyers to come to Taiwan audit, historical retrospect and certification.


  • San-Yung at China Jiashan Factory formal establishment and operation, start occupation of the mainland market for heat treatment field.

    history-1999 history-1999-2

    Dubai wire fze(Dubai)


  • San-Yung Completed Commissioning Successfully For Continuous Hot Blast Non-Oxidation Annealing Furnace For Ei Plates, Rotator & Stator Industrial Areas.


    Sahand poilad (Iran)


  • San-Yung Cooperated With U.K-Pmc In Consulting For Ce Marking Declaration.


  • San-Yung Completed Commissioning Successfully Continuous Quenching Furnace For Customer At Italy.


  • San-Yung successfully developed Multi-Purpose Chamber Furnace, and held a new furnace publication ceremony, to provide Taiwan industry and create competitiveness, research and development of special products, increase the added value for high-quality precision products, such as auto parts and length dimensions special screws, or large work pieces product, or require high carburized layer, lower the amount of deformation, a small variety of products, replace the continuous furnace can not be applied products to meet the needs of the industry in all aspects.


  • China San-Yung Awarded Iso 9001:2000 Certification.


    ECLIPSE combustion,Inc (U.S.A)


  • 6 Factory Buildings of Stage 2 of China San-Yung have been Completed and Started Running, In Order to Provide the Further and Complete Sales-Service and Technic Training and Professional Process of Heat Treatment for the Domestic and Foreign Customers in the Extensive Area of China.


  • Sales to the Polish market successfully.

    history-2006-1 history-2006-2

  • Sales to the Russian market successfully.


    Sales to the Pakistan successfully


  • San-Yung for YING MING INDUSTRY CO., LTD. with computer graphics control program, successfully completed the Continuous Bright Carburizing (Tempering) Quenching Furnace, comply automotive factory certification.

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    history-2008 history-2008-2

  • Against bolt of wind power, specially designed of SY-805-6 continuous furnace, in Norway DOKKA Fasteners running test was successful.


    When economic slump, San-Yung re-consolidation factory, let us more stronger.


    Sales to the Kazakhstan successfully, the first set of most advanced heat treatment equipment in Kazakhstan


  • San-Yung sale first set Continued Bright Carburizing (Tempering) Quenching Furnace subsidiaries SWG of Germany WURTH Group, after that, Germany HECO purchase three sets Continuous Bright Carburizing (Tempering) Quenching furnace from San-Yung, the furnace use in Germany and overseas factories.


    San-Yung successfully developed Chamber Type Spheroidizing Annealing Furnace, San-Yung uphold excellence in manufacturing furnace attitude, develop more efficient and more convenient operation of the Chamber Type Spheroidizing Annealing Furnace and held a publication ceremony.

    history-2010-2 history-2009

    Taiwan Screw Association e came to San-Yung held the supervisor meeting.


  • Sales to Japan's largest Automobile Fasteners Factory of AOYAMA


    Sales to the Argentina successfully


    Sales to the Bengal successfully, the first set of most advanced heat treatment equipment in Bengal


  • United States DOKKA Factory, against bolt of wind power, specially designed of SY-805-6 continuous furnace, in United States DOKKA Fasteners running test was successful.


    San-Yung sale first set continuous Furnace to England Birmingham HT2000, the equipment was running in the UK./p>


  • Sales to Korea's largest Automobile Fasteners Factory JIN-HAP, the equipment was running in the Korea.


  • Obtain the new version of ISO and CE Certification.
    Obtain patent of casting funnel, use in the continuous furnace equipment.
    Obtain patent of mixed fan, use in the continuous furnace equipment.


    China General Machine Components Industry Association (CMCA) Fasteners Chapter visit San Yung participate in seminars.