Bell Type Annealing (Spheroidizing) Furnace [Gas Burner Heating Type]

  • Spheroidizing annealing & bright annealing for middle/low carbon wire material, annealing for steel belt, and heat treating for copper.
  • Gas burner heating type.
  • Heavy duty big agitating fan, high convection current circulation system to shorten the time to rise temperature and to make material's temperature uniform so that uniform quality can be made during the annealing procedure.
  • Adopt high-performance gas burner. It also equipped with auto-ignition system and safety inspection system to ensure operation safety.
  • Adopt O₂ control system to automatically control carbon potential working with temperature program control system, it can lead in protective gas automatically. Labor force is saved.


Model Outside Dimension
Protective Tank Size
Effective Dimension
Output (Furnace)
Combustion Ability
SY-632G-1 Ø3280 x H3620 Ø2100 x H3070 Ø1900 x H2100 3000 280000
SY-632G-2 Ø4380 x H4920 Ø3200 x H4370 Ø3000 x H3400 13500 840000

* Capacity : Calculated by Coil size O.D. 1250mm x Height x 1000mm, Weight 1.5 Tons.

* Heating type can also adopt electric heating, size & specification can be custom made.

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