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Crucible Type Annealing (Spheroidizing) Furnace [Gas Burner Heating Type]

Spheroidizing annealing & bright annealing for middle/low carbon wire material, annealing for steel belt, and heat treating for copper.


  • Adopt O2 Control system to automatically control carbon potential working with temperature program control system, it can lead in protective gas automatically, labor force is saved.
  • Temperature range : 200℃~850℃.
  • Gases used: Nitrogen + Propylene (or + Methanol decomposing gas).
Model Furnace outer Dia x Height
Protective Tank Size
Effective Dimension
Output (Furnace)
Combustion Ability
SY-631G-4 Ø5028 x 3750 Ø4000 x 2925 Ø3500 x 2700 18000-20000 800000
SY-631G-5 Ø5528 x 4550 Ø4500 x 3725 Ø4000 x 3500 26000-30000 1000000