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Crucible Dripping Gas Carburizing Furnace

Suitable for carburizing and hardening treatment to parts of automobile/ motorcycles/ bicycles, gears, hand tools, and metal parts, etc.


  • Gases used : Methanol, Toluene.
  • Suitable to be used in small quantity, versatile as well as long size carburizing and tempering treatment.
  • With a sophisticated instrument meter control and has a processing to show the treating situation.
Model Furnace outer Diameter x Height
Protective Crucible Diameter x Height
Stuff Support:Diameter x Height
SY-721-1 Ø 1430x1450 Ø 500x1200 Ø 350x600 35
SY-721-2 Ø 1530x1750 Ø 600x1500 Ø 450x900 65
SY-721-3 Ø 1880x2050 Ø 750x1800 Ø 600x1200 90