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San-Yung established from 1970.. The technologies are cooperated with Japanese and American consultants further integrate the technical features from eastern & western world. San-Yung furnaces are used for industrial fields of fasteners, hand tools, bicycle parts, chains, forging parts, automobile parts, motorcycle parts……ect. Especially, San-Yung mesh belt type continuous quenching furnace are occupied over 90% in Taiwanese market and there are so many famous global companies who were chosen San-Yung furnaces in the world.

Today San-Yung already is the biggest professional heat-reatment furnaces manufacturer at Taiwan & the one of the biggest professional manufacturers for mesh belt type global world.

About to San-Yung

The name of San-Yung was from Three brothers of surname Yang family in cooperation. The "San" is means three in pronouncing mandarin, The "Yung" is chosen from The middle name of three brothers.

Scope of the Company

San-Yung Company own area of 28,500 square meters & 100 employees. It is difficult to find another furnace manufacturer in same scope as San-Yung in Taiwan. There is one of big features that San-Yung offers the training course and transfer the heat-treatment technologies as consultant for clients too.

Policy and Goals

Quality Policy: To ensure quality, perfect service.

Quality Objectives: To implement ISO 9001 : 2008, production, installation and service quality assurance model and meet customer requirements. The warranty period for each batch processes occurring adverse circumstances, shall not exceed twice, commitment to quality will not flow to the hands of customers defective products.

Corporate Culture

Uphold the customer first, the customer is always the master and San Yung is the apprentice of the concept. Of continuous improvement and breakthrough research and development requirements. And committed to always not be afraid customers to visit compared San Yung. I believe that as long as the actual customers after Study visits San Yung, will be have absolute confidence on San Yung's manufactured devices.

San Yung's view

Organization Chart